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  1. eric says:

    debby ryan seems like shes (what society would call) “innocent”,and yet sexy at the same time.(the way she looks and the way she acts).her lips are very unique.ive never seen an upper lip like hers.to me thats a visual trademark on her.aside from that,shes very talented and has a lot of character.

  2. Aroldo says:

    Hi I’m Lisa-Marie. I’m 13, I have a physical calehlnge and I don’t exactly live in the US, I live in the Caribbean. My best friend in the entire universe (Nakisa) ab-so-lute-ly L-O-V-E-S Selena Gomez. She listens to all of Selena’s songs, she knows many of them by heart, she’s even done a cover of As A Blonde which she rocks out to every time she hears it. She has tons of Selena Gomez pictures on her laptop, she’s a super special awesome and I never use this term to describe someone, that just shows how great she is singer and artist okay, maybe super special awesome is exaggerating, but you get what I mean. She spent months working on singing, isn’t really camera shy, pranks me every chance she gets, prank calls people and would totally freak out if she got a chance to meet Selena Gomez. I really want to know if there’s any way to get her on the show. Please, I’d do anything to have her get pranked by Selena! Anything at all! Please!!! I’m trying everything I can to get in contact with someone on Prank Stars!

  3. speedster says:

    send me pics at [email protected]

  4. speedster says:

    keep me updated 24/7

  5. WarG says:

    Kudos to this artist for getting such a spot on BS match. Really really well done! Best of her on the site by far!

  6. arlyn says:

    I love every pic

  7. arlyn says:

    I want these pics

  8. Lol says:

    I love you

  9. Jose says:

    I love Debby ryan

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