3 Responses to “Kim Kardashian Nude Playboy Photo Shoot”

  1. Jelan says:

    You’re repeating yoelrusf. Yes she found a way, so did Paris Hilton, the girls of the Playboy mansion and many others. Money is supposed to be a reward for achievments and I don’t see any here. And you’re kind of overrating her activities if you call it work . I doubt very much that she designed anything herself, without lots of help. Yes most people are materialistic. Not everyone but many. Unfortunately.

  2. Dayane says:

    well @elenaevgenjevan thats true, but theres nohitng wrong with making money. we all work for it, she just found a way to make more. if i could shoo i would be doing the same thing. so would eveyone els, and if they say no! its a lie. lol everyone know a lil extra is always better.

  3. mea ghest says:

    i did also hear she likes it up the asss!! :-O

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